Suzuki Biplane Pities Harley-Davidson

Illustration for article titled Suzuki Biplane Pities Harley-Davidson

The Tokyo Auto Show is bringing us some wicked concepts, including this Suzuki Biplane motorcycle. Inspired by the classic biplane first introduced by the Wright Brothers, we're a bit confused exactly where the twin stacked wings fit within this redesign, but who knows, maybe Suzuki has made motorcycles fly. Not to mention, there's about a 50/50 chance that you could instantly turn into a super hero when sitting on this bike...which counts for something. Hit the jump for a big pic, or the link for a full gallery. [jalopnik]




@captain slow: Brilliant.

@SpeneyG: I think that it rivals the tomahawk like a speed skater rivals a hockey player. Precision and grace as opposed to brute force.

Not saying I wouldn't own both if given the chance, but sign me up for the biplane if I have to choose betwixt the two.