Synaptics Mobile Phone Concept

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The Onyx, a phone concept by Synapics, uses touch-sensitive technology to control the device via its horizontally oriented screen. Though touchs-sensitive control is nothing new in phones—they've been in Windows Mobile 5 phones for a while now—this one recognizes "not only points and taps but also shapes and complex movements, together with multi-point input." Some cool applications of that would be:

a phone call to Onyx can be answered by simply holding it to your cheek, messages sent by swiping them off the screen with the whole finger.


Though this is just a concept, Synaptics says the first phone using this technology will be out sometime this year. Slashgear is taking a wild stab and thinking it may be used in the iPhone, but we'll believe it when we see it.

Synaptics and Pilotfish Collaborate to Develop Next Generation Mobile Phone Concept [Slashgear]

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