T-Mobile Has Unlimited Data/Text Plus 100 Minutes For $30

It's not a lot of gab time and T-Mobile's data speeds still tend to lag behind other major carriers, but for $30 a month this T-Mobile prepaid plan is cheap.

4G speed isn't unlimited, but the cap is 5GB, which is pretty generous for a budget plan. The plan is for new activations only so you have to buy a $10 SIM card or a phone with a SIM to order it. Consumerist discovered, though, that existing T-Mobile customers whose contracts have ended can switch to the plan. Basically it seems like it's only off-limits for users currently on a T-Mobile prepaid plan.


Cellphone plans have gotten more competitive as the major carriers have come up against smaller groups offering cheap alternatives. If you don't spend hours talking on the phone or you can supplement with online talk options, this might be a way to save some money. [Consumerist]

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