T-Mobile Is Still Advertising the First Ever Android Phone

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Hey, you! Do you need a modern compass in your life? A way to navigate your digital day like never before? Then you need the T-Mobile G1! Or at least, you did six years ago, T-Mobile.

Turns out that T-Mobile has left the ad for the very first Android smartphone live on its servers. You should go read it: it's funny and cute and twee and makes you very glad that technology moved on.

The best bit is surely that the "Upgrade Now" button is still there. Incidentally, if you're tempted, back when we reviewed this thing back in 2008, here's what we said:

This isn't something you're going to give your mom for Christmas, but if you're an adventuresome gadget guy with some money to spend ($179) on a totally new, pretty exciting venture, then why not?


Only $180! Imagine that as you wince when buying your next new Samsung Galaxy S9 or iPhone 8S or whatever the hell else you choose. [T-Mobile via Reddit]

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I still have my G1 :) I don't use it of course.... I've upgraded since, but it's kinda cool having the first android phone.