Ruh roh. T-Mobile and the Sidekick2 have got themselves in a boatload of trouble. There was a batch of updates pushed onto select SK2s a few days back and they seemed to have some negative side effects—that side effect being completely frying of the radio firmware. Yeah stuff happens, this isn
t the fault of the owner, but T-Mobile seems to be a little fidgety about replacing units that have been killed by this problem. Forumites at the hiptop forums seem to be saying that T-Mobile is initially refusing replacement completely, but a lot of them have managed to get a refurb for a small $100 fee. Come on T-Mobile, you mess something up, you take care of it. That's generally how things work, this whole situation is reeking of class action lawsuit.

OTA 2.3 Broke SK2 [Hiptop Forums]

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