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T-Mobile's April 21 Event Is for the Sidekick LX, Not Android

A few of us were hoping that the upcoming April 21 T-Mobile event might be for a new Android handset, a sequel to the G1. Instead, it's just a launch party for the new Sidekick LX. But hey, we like getting awkwardly drunk at corporate sponsored social events as much as the next guy.


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Lite: an adventurer is me!

So they're holding an event for hoodlums?

Outside of an occasional celebrity pre-iPhone days, the only people I've actually seen carrying/using a sidekick look like they're the kind of people who "Keep it real" and live their lives according to the mottos "Thug Life", "Straight Hood", and are a part of Lil Kim's entourage.

Now, I understand that certain technologies appeal to certain groups, but I have yet to ever see anyone not in ecco/fubu/rockawear/or who is not Paris Hilton carrying one of these things.

Will there be metal detectors at the event?