Nine digits, that's a hell of a lot of numbers to remember—especially if you suffer from what many of my elderly relatives call "senior moments." And forget about trying to explain contact lists and voice dialing, it's all witchcraft as far as they are concerned. This T-Phone concept from designer Jeong-Kyun Nam aims to make things a little easier with its unique RFID badge dialing system. Each badge can be programed to remember someone's number, and a picture slot makes identifying the correct badge easy. To make a call, all Grandma has to do is place the correct badge onto the call button and press. The phone will read the info and then dial the number.

If this phone were ever put into production, the easy to read buttons and large badges would make it easy for anyone with impaired vision to operate the device. Still, I can't help but envision old folks leaving these badges at every Denny's restaurant in town. [Yanko Design]


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