Taco Bell's "Breakfast Phone" Comes With Free Tacos, Angry Creditors

Recently, Taco Bell sent out 1,000 free phones to "social influencers" to promote its unholy bastardization of what it means to be a breakfast taco. Unfortunately for one unwitting participant, his gift also came attached to bill collectors, court orders, and one charge of truancy.

As part of the stunt, the burner phones came with instructions to keep the phone on their person at all times. For the majority of recipients, the phone buzzed a few times with breakfast-related missions and that's it. Adam Chandler's however, was special. Chandler explains in Slate:


Chandler still received his Waffle Taco-related texts, sure. But they were severely outnumbered by calls from ConEd collectors, questions about rogue high schoolers, and even a request for an appearance at Bronx Criminal Court.

According to Chandler, it was all worth it for the breakfast-loaded waffle at the end of the tunnel, but head on over to Slate to read his full account of the ordeal. And remember, there's no such thing as a free breakfast taco. [Slate]

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