The $1,400 Android Wear Watch, and Other Tech News You Missed

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Android Wear gets dressed up, Uber plans a big move for local delivery, Pluto gets GIFed. BitStream is all the tech news and rumors you missed in the past 24 hours.


With the arrival of the Apple Watch, and more specifically the fancy gold edition, luxury smartwatches are officially a thing. And Android Wear is going to try its luck. According to Bloomberg, the long-rumored Tag Heuer Android Wear smartwatch finally has a pricetag. How does $1,400 sound?

That price may seem a ludicrous markup from what any reasonable person would pay for a smartwatch, but it’s also mere pocket change compared to Apple’s $10,000+ symbol of affluence. Not much else is known about TG’s new timepiece. We know they’ll be teaming up with Intel and that the battery reportedly lasts around 40 hours, but that’s about it. So we don’t know if that price is just pure aesthetics or if Tag Heuer will actually bring interesting ideas to smartwatches...but we’re betting on the former.

Apps and Devices

Instagram now has a new feed called @music dedicated to following musicians and their Instagram happenings. [Instagram]

Every streaming site is in a rush for original TV shows, and YouTube is now one of many—but it’ll be tapping its own talent to make it happen. [Engadget]

Visual Studio Code makes its way to Mac and Linux as the first code editor for those platforms created by Microsoft.


Waze will now use localized Twitter accounts to tweet unusual traffic. Seriously, if you get stuck in traffic ever again it’s your own fault. [TNW]


Uber may be planning to make a big move into one-day delivery with a massive new merchant delivery system. [TechCrunch]


Reports say Yahoo is working on two separate messaging apps: one for groups, as a replacement for Yahoo Groups, and one focused on person-to-person messaging a la Snapchat. Smartphones need a lot of things, but I’m not sure if more messaging apps is one of them. [Business Insider]

Here’s an awesome Pluto Space GIF to start your Thursday. [NASA]


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Apple watch? Revolutionary! Disruptive technology! Tag Heuer smart watch running android? Purely an advance in aesthetics!

Yeah. I’d rather bet that the watch company with a history spanning many decades can come up with new ideas for a smart watch then Apple. But I’m biased. With common sense.