Tag Heuer's Cellphone is a Watch Phone?

Illustration for article titled Tag Heuers Cellphone is a Watch Phone?

The announcement earlier this week that Tag Heuer was designing a luxury cellphone didn't inspire shock as much as a raised eyebrow, but Biggs the watch fetishist over at Crunchgear dug through his old archives and found this rendering. Dated January 18, Dialaphone.uk found these renders of a possible Tag Heuer cellphone watch that's both classy and able to call people. Whether this is the actual Tag Heuer phone is uncertain and unlikely, but we'd actually really love a cellphone watch that doesn't look like something we'd wear in the third grade. [Dialaphone via Luxury Launches via Crunchgear]

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Aaron Stein

i think it's got a pretty high geek factor, though certainly you can't compare it as a watch design to a classic tag. but while i might wear something like this that bluetooths to my treo and maybe has a pullout headphone, i wouldn't see myself opening up another cel account to use this by itself.