Facebook Says It's Sorry for Removing a Part of the Declaration of Independence That Includes a Racial Slur

The Vindicator, a news outlet in Liberty, Texas, wanted to help its followers read the entire U.S. Declaration of Independence before the Fourth of July, so it posted excerpts on its Facebook page. But something in one of the most significant documents in modern history triggered Facebook’s filters.

Report: Jack Dorsey on Futile Quest to Make Angry Republicans Less Angry, At Least At Him

Right-wingers have long been obsessed with the notion Silicon Valley liberals are conspiring to censor them on social media. But it’s reached a fever pitch recently, with Republicans decrying Google’s fact-checking modules and its firing of workplace sexist James Damore, pretty much anything Facebook does to slow down…

Instagram Removed a ProPublica Post Outing White Supremacists Because Facebook Keeps Blocking the Wrong Things

Facebook, in attempts to crack down on fake news and other content, has somehow made news organizations its enemy. Just one day after Facebook was criticized for rejecting a promoted post from the nonprofit investigative journalism outlet Reveal, Instagram has now reportedly removed a video from ProPublica’s account.

Telegram CEO Says Apple Has Stopped Blocking Updates Amid Struggle With Russian Authorities

Apple has apparently relented and let encrypted text and voice service Telegram proceed with an update to make its app compliant with Europe’s new GDPR privacy protections, just days after CEO Pavel Durov alleged Apple was preventing Telegram from releasing updates worldwide at the behest of Russian censors.

'Stop This BLATANT CENSORSHIP': The Poor, Confused Souls Sending Their YouTube Complaints to the FCC

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which oversees telecommunications like radio, TV, and the internet in the U.S., doesn’t regulate content on online platforms like YouTube. But that hasn’t stopped people from sending complaints about the video site to the federal agency—and they’re every bit as unhinged as…

Facebook, Twitter, and Google Would Like to Be the Gatekeepers of Democracy Without the Responsibility

Top brass from Facebook, Twitter, and Google stopped by Stanford Law School Thursday to participate in a conversation about the challenges social media companies face in regulating free speech and protecting democracies. The panel showed the companies are much better at identifying problems than actually solving them.