Zack Snyder Wanted to Have Christian Bale in Batman v Superman Just to Mess With People

Even though there were early rumors that Warner Bros. might back a Brinks truck up to Christian Bale’s home in order to have him appear as Batman in the new DC movie universe, Zack Snyder says that was that never going to happen—but that doesn’t mean Bale still couldn’t have appeared in BvS.

Morgan Freeman Is Not at All Sure About This 'Batfleck' Thing, You Guys

Of course Morgan Freeman is going to be asked what he thinks about the new Batman. There’s nothing better than someone from one incarnation of Batman slagging off another, and Freeman sort of obliged. Although his comments are more like the “reasonable caveats” than “lobbing a firebomb at Zack Snyder’s house.”


Before he was Batman, Christian Bale was Jum-Jum the Swedish boy from the Land of Faraway

Long before Bale was hopping about Gotham in his cape and cowl, he was cast in the Swedish fantasy movie Mio in the Land of Faraway as a boy named Jum-Jum. The Swedish fairy tale (originally titled Mio Min Mio took place half on Earth and half in Land of Faraway, where the evil Knight Kato (played by Christopher Lee)…