Google's Safe Web Surfing Tool Is Quietly Protecting Apps Like Snapchat, Too

When Google’s Safe Browsing tool is working at its best, it’s invisible—a silent barrier between you and all the malware, phishing attempts, and other goblins lurking on the web. But every once in a while, you’ll see a glaring red warning when you try to visit a website that tells you to get the hell out of there.

How To Block Super Annoying Website Notification Requests In Chrome

Nowadays every other goddamn site does it. You’re browsing the web, open a tab here, click a link there, and wham: Watchcartoons wants to 🔔! show notifications. YouTube wants to 🔔! show notifications. Facebook aches to—it must—🔔! show notifications. So what do you do? You block them, that’s what you do. God forbid…

8 Extensions That Should Make Your Browser a Little More Hacker-Proof

The web can be a lot of fun, but it’s also a pretty dangerous place to venture out into—with phishing sites, drive-by downloads and other nasties lurking around every corner. If you’re browsing on Firefox or Chrome you should give your browser some extra muscle for keeping you safe online by installing one or more of…