Guy Builds a Portable SNES That's Basically the Switch's Great-Great-Grandfather

It sounds like the best thing the new Nintendo Switch has going for it, at least at launch, is a new Legend of Zelda game. That makes it a hard sell, especially when this custom portable Super Nintendo already has a massive library of classic 16-bit games‚ÄĒmost of which are probably collecting dust in your parents‚Äô‚Ķ

This NES Controller Notebook Is the Perfect Place to Jot Down Cheat Codes

ThinkGeek‚Äôs timing could‚Äôve been better with this 240-page notebook inspired by the NES console‚Äôs boxy controllers. It would have been the perfect place to write down level codes, cheats, or draw out maps to help you navigate Metroid‚Äôs endless caves and caverns‚ÄĒwhen you were eight years old. But hey, it‚Äôs never too‚Ķ

The Super Nintendo Retro Receiver Is a Painless Wireless Upgrade For Your Classic Console

If you’ve still got your childhood Super Nintendo hooked up and on active duty you’ve probably discovered that while the console is going strong, its original controllers have long since died. But since it’s 2016 and we’ve made so much progress on cutting cords, isn’t it about time for your SNES to go wireless too?

Build Your Own Classic Pong Arcade Machine, Complete With a Faux Wood Finish

If there‚Äôs one thing modern gaming consoles are missing, it‚Äôs a stylish wood veneer finish. That‚Äôs what classic ‚Äė80s consoles did best, and if you‚Äôre feeling nostalgic for those gaming machines of yesteryear, why not build yourself a retro version of Pong, complete with a pair of paddle controllers for two players?