Senate Unanimously Passes Music Modernization Act, Improving Artist Payouts From Streaming Giants 

The Senate cleared a bill late on Tuesday, the Music Modernization Act, that will dramatically restructure the way royalties are handed out to artists and others involved in the creation process—although it did so under heavy opposition from satellite and digital broadcasting services, namely Sirius XM and Music…

E-Waste Innovator Will Go to Jail for Making Windows Restore Disks That Only Worked With Valid Licenses

California man Eric Lundgren, an electronic waste entrepreneur who produced tens of thousands of Windows restore disks intended to extend the lifespan of aging computers, lost a federal appeals court case in Miami after it ruled “he had infringed Microsoft’s products to the tune of $700,000,” the Washington Post reported

Eventbrite's Bonkers 10,000 Word User Agreement Allows It to Film, Own Copyright From Any Event [Updated: Not Anymore]

Eventbrite is one of the largest event hosting platforms on the planet. It’s been used to plan millions of events in more than 180 countries. As it turns out, unbeknownst to the thousands of event creators and millions of attendees, the company has maintained the right to show up at any event, film it, and own the…