DC Comics' Multiverse Is Expanding With a New Black Label Imprint and Some Big Names

DC Comics’ approach to handling its multiverse is distinct from most other comics publishers’ approaches because of the way it includes a set of iconic stories that, technically-speaking, aren’t considered canon. If you like that sort of thing, their new Black Label should excite you. And well, if you’re a comic fan,…

Alexander the Great and Xerxes Will Clash in Frank Miller's Long-Awaited 300 Prequel

In Frank Miller’s original 300 comic, it takes the Persian king Xerxes and his army of thousands three days to destroy the small Spartan force led by King Leonidas and go on to successfully invade and conquer Greece. But 300 creator Frank Miller wants to make sure we know Xerxes’ story doesn’t really begin with the…

Tom Hiddleston and His High-Rise Director May Reunite for an Adaptation of Frank Miller's Hard Boiled 

Frank Miller and Geof Darrow’s comic Hard Boiled has a story seemingly made for the big screen. And now the tale of a boring insurance adjuster who’s actually (unbeknownst to him) a killer cyborg poised to lead a robot revolution may have found its director and star: Ben Wheatley and Tom Hiddleston.

Frank Miller's Elektra: Assassin Is a Hot Mess, But It's a Beautiful Hot Mess

Season two of Daredevil will introduce Elektra, the Greek assassin who’s Matt Murdock’s lover and sometime adversary. Her creator, Frank Miller, has told interviewers that the show could never bring his vision of Elektra to life. And he’s right—because no one could ever match the mindbending absurdist nightmare that…

The Variant Covers For The Dark Knight III #1 Are A Treasure Trove Of Amazing Batman Art

Tomorrow, Frank Miller’s wildly influential (and batshit crazy) Dark Knight series returns with the unfortunately-named The Dark Knight III: The Master Race. Such an event has not escaped DC, and they’re putting out some spectacular variant covers to celebrate—over 50 of them, in fact. So much lovely Batman art!

Spoiler-Free Review: Marvel’s New Daredevil Series Is Bloody Fantastic

We’re awash in live-action adaptations of comic books lately, including several TV shows. But Netflix’s new Daredevil series still feels like something special. It pulls no punches, never winks at the audience, and perfectly captures the feel of the best Daredevil comics. Here’s our spoiler-free review.