Watch Two College Marching Bands Join Forces to Perform an Epic Game of Thrones Halftime Tribute

Watching the elaborately-choreographed routines of college football marching bands always leaves me wondering how those students find the time to rehearse and perfect those performances. This recent Game of Thrones-themed halftime show was so grandiose that it actually required two college marching bands to join…

Game of Thrones Will End With the Biggest Battle Ever Seen on Film or TV

Game of Thrones’ final season starts with an arrival long in the making and ends with a battle bigger than any ever seen in film or television. That’s according to new details revealed in Entertainment Weekly’s epic coverage of the highly anticipated and even more secretive final season of HBO’s award-winning hit show

All of the Totally-Not-Made-Up Hints We Gleaned From This 3-Second Game of Thrones Season 8 Video

Feeling a bit blue because Game of Thrones’ eighth and final season isn’t airing until 2019, possibly in the summer or later? Fear not, Baby Dragons! HBO has released the first official look at season 8. Rejoice, for we are now three glorious seconds closer to the final season than we were before. But we have to…