Stunning Discovery Shows Early Humans Were Hunting Rhinos in the Philippines Over 700,000 Years Ago

Our species, Homo sapiens, werenā€™t the first humans to leave Africaā€”not by a long shot. The remarkable discovery of a 709,000-year-old butchered rhino fossil in the Philippines shows that so-called archaic humans were romping around the islands of southeast Asia a full 400,000 years before our species even existed.

Ancient Climate Swings Forced Early Humans to Get Their Shit Together and Innovate

Our species made its debut some 300,000 years ago. During the preceding millenniums, our continent of origin underwent environmental shifts that very likely influenced the trajectory of human evolution. Archaeologists working in Kenya have uncovered new clues to support this assertion, showing the surprising extent toā€¦

Before Our Species Left Africa, Now-Extinct Humans Made These Fancy Tools in India

Archaeologists have discovered sophisticated stone tools in India dating back some 385,000 years. Thatā€™s all sorts of incredible, because Homo sapiens like you and me didnā€™t leave Africa until about 175,000 years ago. The discovery is resetting what we know about so-called ā€œarchaicā€ humans and the dramatic extent toā€¦