The Animated Justice League Assembles, and More of the World's Finest Toys of the Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's regular round up of the coolest toys we’ve seen on this here internet lately. This week: Comic-Con exclusive mania continues, Fantastic Beasts finds itself an extremely clever Lego set, and the best incarnation of the Justice League assembles on your toy shelf. Check it out!

A King Kong-Godzilla-Pacific Rim Movie Is Within the Realm of Human Possibility

There was a time when the Godzilla, King Kong, and Pacific Rim movies all shared the same home. A time when a crossover between those three worlds didn’t just seem probable, it seemed inevitable. That time has since passed—but the director of the upcoming Pacific Rim Uprising doesn’t want to dash all hopes and dreams…

This New Amber Discovery Is Like the Start of Jurassic Park but With Ancient Monkeys [Updated]

A tick sucks some monkey blood. A monkey’s grooming partner picks the tick off. The tick lands in some sap. The whole thing fossilizes. Scientists discover the cells inside the tick in the amber. They turn the blood cells into monkey clones and you’ve essentially got some sort of Jurassic Park in real life.