Ridley Scott's Plans for the Next Alien Movie Are All About Artificial Intelligence 

While there are mixed feelings about whether Ridley Scott’s newer movies set in the Alien universe are good are not, there’s a general consensus that neither Prometheus nor Alien: Covenant have really done much to move the franchise forward. But that isn’t stopping Scott from planning his next film in the series.

Ridley Scott May Have Just Revealed the Title of the Next Alien Movie

Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant opens in May, and recently, he’s been showing off footage and talking about the franchise’s future. He made waves saying he’s already got a script for the next film, and even said there could be three more after that. Now, he may have slipped and let us know the title of that next Alien…

Learn All About Alien: Covenant's Walter the Android From This Very Unsettling 'Commercial'

One of the things we know about Alien: Covenant is that Michael Fassbender is pulling double-duty in it. He’ll be playing David, the android from the last film, and Walter, another android from the same assembly line... or so we thought. The latest, utterly bizarre Alien: Covenant promo just ruined a bit of that…


The Severed Head of Cyborg Michael Fassbender Keeps Dropping More Alien: Covenant Hints

We’ve gotten a few tidbits about what to expect from Ridley Scott’s Prometheus sequel, Alien: Covenant. The (cryptic) plot summary’s been out for awhile, along with the cast list, including Katherine Waterston as the lead. And now Prometheus’ only returnee, Michael Fassbender, has offered up some details on the film’s…