Imagine What This One-Handed, Rubik's Cube-Solving Robot Could Do With a Deck of Cards

Rubik’s Cube-solving robots are far from a new idea. In fact, while the human record holder can solve a cube in just 4.22 seconds, the fastest cube-solving robot does it in a little over half a second. This robot isn’t quite as fast, but it’s ability to quickly solve a Rubik’s Cube using just one three-fingered hand…

An Amazing Japanese Take on C-3PO, and More of the Loveliest Toys of the Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's regular roundup of all things merch. This week, Tamashii Nation’s “movie realization” range takes on Threepoio, an incredibly detailed Keanu Reeves emerges from the Continental, and Doctor Who’s Bill Potts finally gets her own action figure. Check it out!

This Beautiful Wooden Cabinet Hides the Most Fiendishly Complicated Puzzle I've Ever Seen

I enjoy a good puzzle (not the jigsaw kind) which is probably why I love games like The Legend of Zelda or The Room series on iOS. But as clever as I (mistakingly) believe I am, I don’t think I’d have any chance of discovering every last hidden panel, drawer, switch, and secret mechanism on this beautiful but…

You Have to Be a Wizard of Puzzles to Open the Secret Compartments on This Harry Potter-Themed Table

You’ve got one level of Harry Potter fandom where enthusiasts re-read the books and re-watch the movies again and again. And then you’ve got David Lundell’s level of fandom, which inspired him to build a gorgeous, wooden Potter-themed coffee table complete with secret compartments you need a magic wand to open.

You Must Solve a Puzzle to Turn Every Page in This Beautiful Wooden Book

The only downside to finding a really good book to read is that it will be over before you want it to be. But that won’t be the case with puzzle designer Brady Whitney’s Codex Silenda. Even though the wooden book only has five pages, you’ll need to solve a complex mechanical puzzle on each one before you can turn to…

The Creators of That Drake Coloring Book Now Have a Kim Kardashian Connect-the-Dots

If coloring books were somehow able to make a miraculous comeback in a time when even watches are an entertaining distraction, there’s no reason that connect-the-dots puzzles can’t be popular again too. And there’s no better person than the most-famous Kardashian to help bring connect-the-dots back into the spotlight.