SpaceX Payload Fairing Survives Despite Missing Recovery Net by 'a Few Hundred Meters’

Early today, a Falcon 9 rocket delivered the PAZ radio communications satellite, along with a pair of SpaceX-owned internet satellites, to low-Earth orbit. It was an otherwise routine launch and deployment, save for the attempt to recover the rocket‚Äôs payload fairing‚ÄĒa feat that‚Äôs never been tried before.

Lost Spy Satellite Won’t Kill SpaceX’s Relationship With Air Force

We still don‚Äôt know what happened to Zuma, a secretive spy satellite that failed to reach orbit after launching from Cape Canaveral earlier this month. SpaceX has consistently claimed that its Falcon 9 rocket worked perfectly‚ÄĒa claim with added credence, now that the U.S. Air Force has said it‚Äôs not going to dismiss‚Ķ