How Doctor Strange Will Push the Boundaries of What a Superhero Movie Is

Dr. Stephen Strange is freezing. You’d be cold, too, if you’d just been transported to the side of Mount Everest by two powerful sorcerers. But on February 1, 2016, day 54 of the 87-day shoot of Marvel’s Doctor Strange, the would-be sorcerer figures out a spell to bring him back to Kamar-Taj, the home of the Ancient…

The Director of Doctor Strange Thinks One Asian Character Makes Up for the Movie's Biggest Screw-Up

In the continuing saga of Doctor Strange: Accidental Racist, Scott Derrickson’s latest defense of casting Tilda Swinton in the role of the Ancient One is that, hey, they cast Benedict Wong as Wong, who is Strange’s sidekick and servant in the comics but is a powerful master in the movie. After removing him initially.