Filling a Turkey With Molten Aluminum Is a Terrible Way to Cook Thanksgiving Dinner

Toss a turkey in the oven and it cooks from the outside in, which can take hours of roasting before it’s done. But what if you cooked a turkey from the inside out? That’s what Allen Pan tried by filling a raw turkey with molten aluminum and then letting the whole thing cook, cool, and solidify, en route to a friend’s…

Carving Your Thanksgiving Feast Will Be a Lot Easier Using This Clever Life Hack 

If it’s your first time preparing a bird for your Thanksgiving feast, you’ll understandably be a little nervous when it comes to time to carve it up for dinner. But there’s no reason to stress over slicing up the perfect portions if you’ve got access to a hundred thousand dollar industrial waterjet machine.

Black Magic Unleashes White-Hot Terror in This Awesomely Evil Turkish Horror Trailer

We’re either bummed or glad that this trailer for Üç Harfliler 3 is the first we’ve heard of Turkish filmmaker Alper Mestçi. Bummed, because clearly we’ve been missing out on what looks like a talented rising star—or glad, because his freakishly disturbing imagery is guaranteed nightmare fodder.