Take two beers and call me in the morning...

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This Schlitz beer ad from the August 3, 1908 Galveston Daily News (Galveston, TX) shows an American doctor and a German doctor talking about the health benefits of beer. The American doctor even prescribes Schlitz beer to his patients!

Doctors of Two Nations Agree as to the Benefits of Beer

American Doctor: To what, Doctor, do you attribute the success of the German people?

German Doctor: To one thing, my dear Doctor, just to their temperance.

American: But Doctore, we think of your people as heavy drinkers.

German: Ah, but the drink is beer. While other nationalities have their wines, whiskies, and vodkas containing large percentages of alcohol and very little food value, we stick to our beer with its nourshing barley and tonical hops and only 3 1/2% alcohol.

American: You say only 3 1/2% alcohol as though that ingredient were not beneficial.

German: I do not mean it in that sense. We find alcohol has a food and stimulating value when the proportion is not too great. The danger is in overstimulation, impossible when the percentage is so small as in beer.

American: Perhaps the superiority of your people may be due to the superiority of your beers.

German: Don't mistake there. We are strong admirers of your Schlitz Beer. It evidences the care used in its brewing. Its full rich flavor bring to you the taste of the barley and the hops, so often lost in the different processes. It has the sparkle and life, too, due to a perfect yeast. The freedom from germs shows careful sterilization. The fact that it does not cause biliousness proves its perfect lagering, or aging as you say.

American: This is splendid, Doctor. I have been using Schlitz Beer in my practice, prescribing it where my patients needed an easily digested food which has some tonic value. Especially beneficial, I have found it, after surgical operations where the stomach refused to retain other food. Also in cases where the patient was not inclined to drink enough to flush the system of its waste.

German: When you Americans generally appreaciate these benefits of beer, then may the Fatherland take heed of your country will outsrip us as we have our neighbors; but good progress to you and the temperance work of Schlitz, The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous.