Talking CD Cases From Pre>Vu

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These talking CD cases allow you to record a 60-second message, which can be played back to your heart's content. There's plenty of applications for this, like annoying marketing material, and, um... annoying marketing material.


It was invented by Morag Hutcheon, in order to allow people to listen to 60 seconds of an album before buying it. However, this doesn't seem like it would work because you could only hear part of one track, and record stores would be a mess of noise, with all the clips blurring into one. [Pre>Vu]


I can see using this for software to record the install directions since no one reads the enclosed HOW TO. (I send CDs when they cant figure out how to download a copy or dont have web access. Yes, I am serious, some people have no web access.)

I hate to model bash, but it looks like her neck a different color than her face, and her nails look dirty.