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I'm pretty sure this ski-jacket looking Crave laptop backpack is for falling asleep on in class. The rest of the new ones released today by Targus actually just make me want to go to sleep.

The Crave is only available in navy blue, however besides the 16-inch backpack form you can get it in a 15.6-inch slipcase and a smaller netbook size. The backpack is $50 which isn't so bad considering it could double as a travel pillow.


The other two lines of notebook cases seem pretty standard and by standard I mean boring. There is a typical mix of leather and canvas business looking bags. However, the Phobos netbook case which apparently is a "throw back to acid-washed jeans" seems interesting though I haven't seen a picture.

Those two are probably the most interesting since the rest are all business all the time. Those interested can hit the link for the full release. In the meantime, I'll be remembering how good those college class naps were. [Targus]

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