TeamPoison Busts Into the UN and Leaks Passwords

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The tech security gurus at the United Nations just got quite a startle: A team of hackers posted about 1000 login credentials for United Nations staff members on PasteBin. Apparently a large number of the passwords were simply blank. Seriously, guys? After LulzSec?


The hackers at TeamPoison reportedly exploited a security vulnerability on the UN Development Program website to obtain the usernames and passwords of UN Staff. The group's post on PasteBin accuses the UN of a long list of crimes ranging from mundane corruption to more existential transgressions like trying "to facilitate the introduction of a New World Order and a One World Government" which would necessitate crushing human individuality. Sheesh.

TeamPoison previously hacked RIM's blog to and leaked Tony Blair's private address book. In a separate story this morning, Team Poison has publicly teamed up with Anonymous to launch a hacking operation against banks. [Naked Security via Techmeme]

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What's wrong against a One World Government? If you ask me, it's the best way to stop all warfare in the world.