Google Chromecast Has a Clever Sci-Fi Easter Egg

During their routine teardown procedure of Google's new Chromecast, iFixit noticed what appears to be a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy easter egg that's hiding in plain sight.

The Chromecast's model number is H2G2-42, which as iFixit points out is the common abbreviation for Douglas Adams' classic space adventure book followed by the "42", which happens to be the meaning of life discovered in that book. That's either an intentional reference or one hell of a coincidence.


Besides that little joke, there's nothing too surprising about the Chromecast's guts. It makes sense that the single chip design of the gadget is super easy-to-open, and that once it's open, there isn't much inside to repair. What else do you expect for $35? [iFixit]

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