Teardrop-shaped iPod Dock is Showerproof

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Zumreed's raindrop-shaped iPod dock is waterproof, so it's perfect for singing along to sad songs in the shower, if you're that kind of person. Available in three colors, white, turquoise and orange, it weighs just over a pound, costs $49.95 and is compatible with most 4th- and 5th-gen iPods. [AudioCubes via Sci-Fi Tech]


Seems like such a pain... you have to transfer the device back and forth between your dock and this contraption every time you want to shower; all the while you have to make sure that not a drop of water gets on your iPod.

A real solution would be a wi-fi waterproof device that can stream music from a SMB or iTunes share. Does anything like this exist already?