Teen Who Clearly Wanted to Blow Things Up Jailed After Detonating Exploding Pen

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Sixteen year old Jessie Bauguess is in jail. Not for bullying, not for underage sexting, not for shoplifting—no innocent teen follies at all. Rather, he's behind bars because he detonated a bomb-rigged pen at school.

First of all, based on that photo, if he is sixteen years old then I am a goddamn Roomba. But Jesse's story is troubling beyond the cultivation of his sociopath in the making look. A teacher from his former high school says he was expelled after students discovered detailed maps of the school and hand drawn bomb diagrams. You would think—hope, even—that by this point, some sort of authority would have stepped in to help a kid who is obviously very screwed up. But instead of intervention, he got expulsion.


And now he's in jail after sending another kid to the hospital with an exploding pen. The explosion triggered an enormous bomb scare, prompting police to scan Jessie's neighborhood with robots—which uncovered even more explosives at his home.

Not everyone is freaking out, though. The Charlotte Observer says "Jessie Bauguess' grandmother said the incident has been blown 'totally out of proportion' and her grandson didn't intend to hurt anyone." (Really, Charlotte Observer? Blown out of proportion? You couldn't resist? But freaking out about an exploding pen seems rather in proportion to me (and sort of something out of a James Bond flick). [Charlotte Observer]