Teeny Tiny Analog Synthesizers Are the Most Adorable Way to Lay Down Your Jams

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Well, these new itty-bitty analog synthesizers from Korg are just so cute I want to gobble them up. And from the demo video above, it sounds like the three Volca series keyboards are lovely little groove machines you might want to use, too.

The synthesizers come in three Volca flavors: Keys (for leads), Bass (for bass lines, duh), and Beats (a drum machine). Pick the one that suits your style, or patch them together into a neat little music assembly line like so:


The synths both make the funky sounds and have built-in 16-step sequencers so you can use them to make simple beats on the fly.

At 7.61 inches x 4.54 inches each of the synths is smaller than an Apple bluetooth keyboard, they each weigh less than a pound, and they're powered by six AA batteries. For a $150, these bundles of beats might be hard to resist. [Korg]