Teeny-Weeny Spider-Man Is The Cutest Lil' Superhero Toy

Beast Kingdom picked a doozy of a character to go with for their first ever articulated Egg Attack figure - they're certainly pushing the boat out too with this amazingly articulated and amazingly adorable Amazing Spider-Man. So many amazings in one teeny toy!

Based on the suit Peter Parker wears in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, this Egg Attack Action Spider-Man just might be the cutest webslinger to have ever slung webs. Well, as it's a toy, little plastic things shaped like web fluid, but you get what I mean.


This six-inch Spidey comes with five sets of alternate hands as well as three little web fluid attachments so you can pose him like he's swinging around New York without a care running through his ginormous oversized head:

D'aaw. I've never been overly fond of 'chibi' character designs, but there's something about a Spider-Man with a head the size of his entire torso that is oddly gleeful to me.

Egg Attack Spider-Man is due out in April of next year in Japan, and will retail for around $85. Good, pricey things come in small packages, I guess.


[via The Fwoosh]

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