A new company called Kiiroo, wants to break into the e-pleasure biz with a hardware-meets-social-media combo.

First, the gadgets. For the ladies, there's OPue, a vibrating dildo equipped with sensors that remotely stimulate. For dudes, there's the SVir, a male masturbator that's like an intelligent, reactive fleshlight; so, a gal fondles her OPue, a guy gets similarly fondled by his SVir. Apparently, these will also sync up to the action in adult films, picking up where the now-defunct RealTouch left off—at least for the fellas.

As A.V. Flox at The Slantist notes, the OPue doesn't have the capacity to receive info in the same way that SVir does, so the stimulating simulations only go one way. Why? Unclear, unfortunately—but it seems like a strange choice! Female anatomy might be more complex to navigate, but if the tech is there to send the signals, it's a shame they didn't figure out a way to make the feelings mutual.

In addition to the devices, Kiiroo is building a social media platform "where you can share content to your heart's desire." The promo vid describes this as a "chat, laugh, flirt" kind of thing—and Kiiroo's founder even hopes to partner with Second Life to increase engagement in these digital connections and one-handed typing sessions.

Is this the inevitable future for getting off? Is it cutting edge, exciting, creepy, or all of the above? And most importantly: Would you be into using these tools? Let us know in the comments. [The Slantist]