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Tell Us Your Most Embarrassing Wrong Window Story

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You know the feeling. The realization that in the midst of a rapid-fire flurry of chats, you've made a terrible mistake. A mistake that, best case scenario, means you told colleague a joke meant for a friend. Or, worst case scenario, means that you just called your coworker "sweet boy."


That' s the story one editor here at Gizmodo recently told me, and it was uncomfortably familiar. Gmail and AIM, in giving us a great way to rapidly communicate over the internet through those convenient little chat boxes, have also given us a fantastic way to make fools of ourselves. It seems like everyone has a story about a wrong window, and each of them is more palm-sweatingly embarrassing than the next.

Hop into the comments and tell us yours, below.

Image: TPLCStudents/CC on Flickr.

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This was my third week at a new job. My wife and I were e-mailing about a couple we met in our neighborhood the night before. They were REALLY IN LOVE and were constantly involved with baby-talk and weird pet names (honey bunch, baby cakes, etc). My last response to my wife was "I wuv you, angel-tits!"

I had clicked on the wrong e-mail and replied to every single person in my company.

You cannot will yourself to die.