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Here's one for the Canadian readers. Your Telus Mobility cellphone service just announced that XM radio is available on your Telus phones. Exciting? Yes! Provided you like XM.

There's only 20 channels available on the phone, however, so if your favorite station isn't here, you'll have to listen the old fashioned way.

Bluesville, BPM, Chrome, Ethel, Flight 26, Fred, High Voltage, RAW, Real Jazz, Soul Street, Suite 62, The City, The Joint, The Rhyme, The Verge, Top 20 on 20, Top Tracks, U.S. Country, XM Comedy and XM Pops.


You need an LG 8100 or a Samsung A950 phone and a Spark 25 feature bundle or $15. We think that's $15 Canadian.

Spark Bundle [Telus Mobility via Cellphones etc.]

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