Tempus Fugit: Floating Clock and Shuttle

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We've seen floating globes held aloft by magnets, but we couldn't resist the Floating Clock from Think Geek, which you place in the sweet spot between the top and bottom magnets and it hangs there as if by magic. It doesn't just sit still, either—it even has a mechanism inside that allows it to auto-rotate.

If you get tired of that, you can add on an optional shuttle model that hovers there as if it were weightless, just like it does in space. And looky there—why, it s a miniature astronaut waving hello (or calling for help?) from high atop the upper magnet. All this magic doesn't come cheap, though: The clock and base are $89.99; the optional shuttle is $24.99.


Product page [Think Geek, via Red Ferret]

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