Terminator Ad Looks Like a Rip-Off, Makes Sarah Connor Chronicles Even Worse (NSFW)

We like Terminator as much as we hate companies who rip-off the work of artists without even crediting them. This is apparently what happened with the poster used to promote the bland Sarah Connor Cronicles TV series: some blogs are reporting that the Fox channel's poster was allegedly copied straight from a striking montage created by someone else before the series were even announced. Compare the full images after the jump (NSFW).

As you can see, unlike the Sony Bravia ad, this is not just "inspiration", this is a direct copy in which some elements are copy-pasted. We have to say we had high hopes for the series, but apparently it was headed to the Department of Mleh right from the start. If they wanted to copy something, they could have followed the Terminators' sex positions. [My Confined Space via Hollywood Newsroom]

Update: We know it there's the possibility that this may be by the same artist or licensed. But we are reporting on what other blogs are reporting, which is exactly why I wrote "apparently what happened" and "was allegedly copied" in the article. I've changed the headline to make this position even clearer.


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