Sony Responds to Bravia Ad Rip Off Allegations/Proof

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Despite the fact that the ad agency and studio Sony hired to create their bunny Bravia ad, Fallon and Passion Pictures, clearly and blatantly ripped off LA-based artists Kozyndan, it's standing behind them and denying that anything dickish was done.


Basically, Passion Pictures got in touch with Kozyndan two years ago about working with them, asking for samples to be sent in. They sent Passion a bunch of stuff, including the bunny panorama that was clearly ripped off, and never heard from them again. Then, lo and behold, they then went ahead and made the ad without paying them or crediting them at all. The excuse? Well… there really isn't much of one, other than claiming that the creative-types came up with the idea on their own, somehow forgetting the submissions they previously received. Right. Here's the full statement from Sony:

'There is suggestion that there is a similarity between an illustration by Kozyndan and the new Sony BRAVIA 'Play-Doh' advert. Sony would like to stress that the advert conception, creative and final animation is not based on any pre-existing artwork.

Sony Europe, its agency Fallon, production company Gorgeous, and animation company Passion Pictures, assert that the wave, whale and bunnies were arrived at without reference to these artists. In the original script, the rabbits were one of many creatures to cavort around a cityscape. In fact, the location was only finalised shortly before the shoot. The final creative, led by Juan Cabral at Fallon and director Frank Budgen at Gorgeous, was chosen to champion the brand and best reflect ''. Sony enjoys working with experienced and talented creatives and all involvement in a campaign is always credited.'

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I am not defending Sony. It is impossible to do these days, anyway. However, I do welcome a larger debate of what is truly theft these days. When Microsoft created the Zune, did they steal the idea from Apple? When Apple added WiFi to their iPod, did they steal that idea from Microsoft? Is any idea truly original? I suppose if they wrote an entire story line involving color rabbits, and Sony used that storyline, then maybe I could buy it. But, simply including rainbow rabbits in an ad? To me, I am not certain that is any more of 'theft' than what every company does on a daily basis?

Not to say I do not think it is theft .. Just to say that I am not certain it is any worse than what anyone else is doing.