Terrifying Video of the Deadly Indiana State Fair Stage Collapse

Absolutely gut-wrenching video of the Indiana State Fair concert stage collapse from last night. Reports indicate a freak wind burst and sudden weather may be partially to blame, and that the concert was delayed at the time.

It goes without saying that our hearts go out to the victims of this awful, awful incident.

Update: There are a now-confirmed five dead and 40-plus injured (including a rumored paralysis). We'll bring you any major updates as they occur. Editor's Note: Labeling this an engineering accident was short-sighted and the post has been updated to reflect that fact. -j.l.


Update 2: Many Gizmodo commenters have duly noted that audience members who were not injured in the collapse are running toward the accident. Even seconds after this disaster unfolded, there were brave men and women sprinting toward potential danger to help others.
[AP, Reddit, YouTube User JSilas]

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First off, Jack, good to see you know exactly what happened... To call it a "engineering failure and poor planning to the highest degree" is not only highly inaccurate, it is also completely ignorant.

The storm blew in in a manner of minutes. We have a very dear friend who works in the administration dept. at the state fair and was there when it happened. Broadcasts had been issued and instructions given on what to do in case their was an evacuation. Minutes later a wall of wind swept over the infield, causing the dust storm that you see in the video. The wind speed of the strait line winds that hit the pavilion are estimated to be north of 70mph. There was no way that anyone involved could have anticipated that kind of force. The concert had already been delayed because of the advancing storm and the public notified.

The roof of that stage retracts to the ground when not in use; it would have taken several hours to remove rigging and state props in order for that to happen. The stage has been there for years but has never seen that type of force when prepped for an event. If a tornado were to tear apart a building, you wouldn't call it a engineering failure, its simply an extreme act of nature, wrong place, wrong time.

Our hearts to out to all those effected by this tragedy.