Tesla Roadster Sells Out First 100 Cars

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This may be "shocking news" to General Motors, but apparently there's a pretty decent demand for an all-electric vehicle in today's market. The Tesla Roadster Electric, which does 0-60 in four seconds and promises not to explode on the freeway have all been called for.


People have already plunked down deposits for the company's first 100 cars, which are due out in 2007. Their money, all $100,000 of it, guarantees that they will get a car as soon as they silently roll off the lot.

Electric sports car maker sells out its first round of cars [CNET]



Actually, made2last, your first post would suggest that plenty of people (five thousand) wanted to buy the car, but had pretty understandable second thoughts when GM said, "Oh wait, this is going to cost you 30% more than we thought. Oops."

And seriously, don't try to inflate the cost of producing the car by adding in R&D costs. Any economist will tell you that's a stupid statistic to give out, since R&D for a single car model is a one-time cost. R&D cost only affects the number of cars you need to sell before turning a profit.