Test Drive a Driverless Mitsubishi From Your Computer

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Click to viewSure, there's a lot more to test driving the car than the view from the driver's seat. But it's still pretty amazing that Mitsubishi will let you control a 2011 Outlander Sport, on a closed course, from your home.

You'll be able to steer the car—and, presumably, crash it, although I'm sure you'd somehow be liable—but also "experience many of the [crossover]'s deluxe features," like touch-screen navigation. It all sounds well and good, but unless the Outlander Sport's interior smells like old socks and the seats are Pottery Barn knock-offs, I don't think my living room's going to give me a good sense of what it's like to drive one.

The program runs November 1 through November 10, and you can sign up for a slot starting tomorrow. [Mitsubishi via Jalopnik]