Gizmodo Gallery is over, but the good we accomplished by playing Call of Duty on a 103-inch plasma TV and lighting cigarettes by flashlight will go on for quite some time. That's because of the donations readers like you made to Toys for Tots: Over 4 days we collectively raised $4,820 for the underprivileged children that have to play with things like rusty tin cans instead of G.I.Joes. You guys and gals are the real heroes!


Other heroes include the companies and people with enough soul and generosity to donate prizes at the event, and loan us gear for display:

• Thank you to Sir James Dyson for lending us his super pink world's first bagless vacuum, and giving away some hand vacs to give away (and thanks Chris K for this and other assists!)
• Thank you to Julie and Lego for giving away not one but TWO Death Star sets and a bunch of other big sets. And for creating the glowing Gizmodo sign you saw as you walked in
• Thank you to Logitech for the docks and speakers and headset door prizes
• Thank you to the Zune team for donating Obama's secret favorite portable player to the charity
• Thank you to the Xbox team for giving us a 360 to give away as a prize
• Thank you to SanDisk and Carm for giving us Sansa 8GB Fuze, 8GB Clip, 8GB Ultra MicroSD card and so much more as prizes and Tots donations
• Thank you to Greg at Gama-go who gave away clothing and bag prizes
• Thank you to Jeff Staple, from Staple design, who let us use their space despite us being punks
• Thank you to NICO REYES, who was there every step of the way as we set up the space
• Thank you to Greg M for connecting us with Agent 18 iPod cases, Ten One Design Pogo iPhone stylus, the pink mStation Orb dock, the SmartShopper and the Hercules Wii Accessory Pack
• Thank you to TokyoFlash for kicking in some watches as prizes
• Thank you to Seth Herr for selflessly donating time and expertise to wiring up our 103-inch TV the day before Thanksgiving
• Thank you to the makers of that lovable Wi-Fi beanbag, Chumby
• Thank you to Wicked Laser for bringing the heat
• Thank you to TiVo for giving away an HD
• Thank you to Phil Torrone and Mark Frauenfelder for bringing the laser etcher and the giveaway Make Magazines
• Thank you to Keita at Sony for importing and convincing the Tokyo Archives to send some crazy bloggers their precious 1st Walkman and Mavica cam
• Thank you to Sara for lending me the Apple prototypes
• Thank you to Chris Mascari for working like a madman and staying creative through it all
• Thank you to Seung for working all weekend, and making endless runs to Gawker HQ and for shipping everything back
• Thank you to Gizmodo Japan for sending over the beautiful AU phones
• Thank you to Ryan Block from gdgt and Ben Heck for sending and entrusting us with the Atari VCSp
• Thank you to Giz NY staff for helping us work even though they weren't on the clock
• Thank you to Nick Denton and Doug Krone for getting behind the idea of the Giz Gallery
• Thank you to Panasonic (especially Chris and Jeff) for making the 103-incher happen in our 450-sq-ft space!
• Thank you to Mr Dragan for sending us a proto of the Draganfly X6
• Thank you to Jarred for lending us the RED One model
• Thank you to Philippe Kahn for sending us the first cameraphone
• Thank you to Chris B. for sharing his Blickensderfer typewriter and first Polaroid camera
• Thank you to stoner dude for sharing your NES bong with us
• Thank you to Jesús Diaz for his gorgeous artwork
• Thank you to Brad and Seth an the AT&T archivists for lending us rare Bell Labs technology


Thank you readers, too, for putting up with this intensely long Academy Award-type thank-you speech.

See you next year at the Gizmodo Gallery!