Thanko BINOCA01 Recording Binoculars

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These Thanko binoculars zooms up to 7x48, captures video at15FPS VGA resolution, and still pictures at 2 megapixels with up to 2048x1536 resolution. Perfect for capturing owls, owls nests, owl mating, owl babies, and other owl-related scenes.


The binocu-cams are powered by two AAA batteries and have only 32MB of built in flash memory. And since readers accused us of projecting our perviness when we wrote about another set of photo binoculars, we'll just come out and say it. We'd use this for taking pictures of old ladies at the pool.

Thanko BINOCA01 4-in-1 Binocular [Far East Gizmos via New Launches]


But without some kind of optical or electronic stabilization, this worthless. Your videos and stills will be super shaky and blurry.