Thanko Morse Code Secure USB Drive

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Security-concious USB drives are beginning to pop up more often and Thanko has a new spin on an old idea idea with its Morse Code drive. Rather than having Windows-only password software protect the contents of the drive, Thanko has placed a number pad on the drive itself, letting users set up set up the drive with their own unique password without having to connect to a computer. Just like other security-centric USB drives, unless the correct password is entered when plugged into a computer, the data will remain locked up forever.


The USB 2.0 Morse Code drive comes in 512MB and 1GB versions but only nominally work with both Windows and Mac OS X. The drive retails for $59 and $85 in Japan, respectively. I'm sure Samuel Morse is just thrilled that companies are throwing his name around with very little merit.

Product Page (in Japanese) [Thanko via]


I have to wonder, though, how many of these devices actually encrypt the data stored on them, and how many just require a password for connecting to the controller. I'd lay odds that with quite a few of these, you could just pull out the hard drive or flash memory chip and read the data off of it directly.

I'm especially suspicious when they don't describe their method in detail.