Thanko USB Warming Mouse Reviewed (Verdict: Good Heater, Lousy Mouse)

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Though most may scoff at the Thanko Warming Mouse, people like us with bad circulation have no choice other than dressing warmly, using a heater, or exercising more to keep our hands warm. Extremetech took it out for a review, and found it actually did what it said.


Within eight minutes, the mouse went from 71 degrees to 107 degrees, providing a toasty-enough mousing surface to keep all but the most frigid of hands warm. The only flaw was that only the center of the mouse gets warm, and the sides are all room-temperature.

As for the mouse itself, the 800 dpi optical sensor was adequate, and the 4-foot mouse cord was kinad short. The buttons are rigid, and the scroll wheel is a "challenge when working in a program that needs precise one-line-at-a-time scrolling".

So it seems you should probably skip this mouse, buy a good one and just go for some usb heating gloves instead.

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Mouse is a mouse...

How lousy can it be? As long as it points and clicks, it's fine by me...