Thanko's Vacuum Cleaner Mouse Keeps Your Desk (Relatively) Clean

Your desk is littered with Cheetos crumbs, fingernail clippings, short 'n' curlies and any number of other undesirable pieces of personal detritus. You could take the time to clean up your work space every now and then, but why bother? The new Vacuum Mouse from Thanko will allow you to keep things relatively clean with a minimum of effort.

It's a pretty standard three button, USB 1.1 mouse with an 800dpi sensor, but it also houses a tiny vacuum cleaner inside. With it being so small I assume you'd have to empty it pretty frequently, and it isn't going to do any good in helping you get your piles of papers and such organized, but if you eat at your desk every day and are seriously too lazy to brush the crumbs off with your hand when you're finished, this is a good solution. I guess. [Product Page via Everything USB]


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