(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Have you seen this Twitter account from General John Kelly, President Trump’s chief of staff? Some tweets from the account have started to go viral on conservative Twitter in recent days, as it gains followers at a rapid pace. But it’s totally fake.

How do we know that it’s not really General John Kelly? Well, for one thing, the account slips the word “parody” in the middle of its bio:

White House Chief of Staff, Retired 4 Star General @USMC, I Enjoy Parody Roast Covfefe with 2 Shots of Liberal Tears, #MAGA

And perhaps most damningly, it has some deeply offensive tweets that would be out of character for General Kelly—aside from the fact that using Twitter itself would be wholly unusual based on what we know of the man.


The “parody” account has that said a sitting member of Congress looks like a prostitute from the movie Borat:

And uses words like “libtard”:


And talks about imploding rectums:

And uses the word “cuck” rather liberally (no pun intended):


The account has also said that the many women who have come forward to talk about President Trump’s history of sexual assault are liars:

And that anyone who disagrees with the account is a “triggered snowflake”:


Though in fairness, the account, which was created in July of 2017, isn’t that far removed from real tweets that the real president sends out every day:

So, yeah, when you see your racist uncle sharing tweets from this account or whatever go ahead and calmly let him know that it’s completely fake. And just plain mean.