The #1 News Station in Memphis Accidentally Tweeted a Pornhub Link

If you're wondering about the rain and storms in Memphis, you might have gotten a big surprise in your Twitter feed today. WREG News Channel 3 briefly directed its Twitter followers to a link that not only had zero radar information about the #memstorm—it was a PornHub user's profile.

As often happens, whoever runs WREG's Twitter handle seems to be insinuating that the station's social media account was hacked:


... As well as encouraging WREG's many newfound followers to donate to some charitable organizations.

Reminder to all social media managers out there: Make double sure—triple sure—that you're not tweeting personal stuff from your company's official Twitter handle. And always, always make sure that you're pasting the right content from your clipboard.

Although, "Rockbone" would make a pretty great name for a storm. [Romenesko via Charlie Warzel]


Top image from Romenesko

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