The 20 Best Movies Disappearing From Netflix Tomorrow

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It's that time again. When the clock strikes midnight tonight—or sometime around then—dozens of movies will disappear from Netflix's streaming larders. Fortunately, you've still got time to plow through a few of your favorites. Here's a list of the very best movies that'll be gone come July.

While Netflix has made it much harder to find out when movies expire, some Reddit sleuths have picked out an extensive crop of chopping-block titles. You can see the date the license is up yourself by adding them to your queue. Remember that just because they're going now doesn't mean they're never coming back. But with a precious few hours between now and when they're gone, why take that chance?

You can head here for a more thorough reckoning of what's on its way out. In the meantime, start your streaming, and hope that a fresh crop is coming in to take the place of your favorite fallen flicks.

Update: Just in time, Vulture provides a rundown of movies coming to Netflix this month to help make up for what's going missing. Expect Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Bad Santa, City of God, Karate Kid, Legends of the Fall, and more to be trickling out over the next several weeks.

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